Wilson, Greg - Pyrotechnic Pasteboards DVD

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Pyrotechnic Pasteboards picks up where Gregory's best-selling Card Stunts video left off. Forget those mind-numbing, deal down, Uncle Charlie card tricks. This is fast and furious, in-your-face card flaunting! Think Jackie Chan with 52 potential papercuts!


  • Point Blank- Greg's reputation-making version of the Ambitious Card done with a completely blank deck. It's a portable 5-minute piece of theater that ends up with the spectator's signed card fused to your signed card! 
  • Flashback- This freaky 8-phase routine is done in reverse. That's why you should take your standing ovation first-just to get it out of the way. 
  • Straight A's- When they see this four ace revelation, you can forget about that friendly little poker game after the show. 
  • Lethal Fours- Gentlemen, start your Elmsley's. This is Wilson's take on Williamson's take on Victor's 11 Card Trick. 
  • Cards to Pocket- Greg's razzle-dazzle version of this time-honored classic. 
  • FISM Aces - The aces shoot out of a shuffled pack like angry hornets and then boomerang back to you like...well, boomerangs. Oh, by the way, did we mention that the entire pack vanishes as well?

With Pyrotechnic Pasteboards, you get all of this non-stop, action-packed commotion and more! Why wait till the Fourth of July for flashy fireworks? Break out your Bicycles and start blowing away your audiences - today!

Running Time Approximately 86min

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