Ultimate Juggling DVD by Christopher Ballinger

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This DVD takes you through the basics of all kinds of juggling and then dives into the intermediate and advanced stuff. You'll be able to juggle just about anything in no time.

DVD Includes: 

  • Three Ball Juggling 
  • Four Ball Juggling 
  • Five Ball Juggling 
  • Juggling Rings 
  • Club Juggling 
  • Passing Clubs 
  • Plate Spinning 
  • Hat Manipulation 
  • Cigar Boxes 
  • Contact Juggling 
  • Devil Sticks 
  • Diabolo 
  • And tons of hints and tips to help you learn quickly.

Learn from juggler and magician, Christopher Ballinger who has trained many performers in all aspects of juggling. From performing in large theaters to busking on the streets of Los Angeles, Ballinger has expanded his interest in juggling to include all forms and now wants to pass his wisdom on to you.

Each section includes foundational techniques and loads of exciting tricks. Learn from our four-level teaching method; in-studio explanations, slow-motion examples, visual diagrams, and real-world demonstrations.

This DVD builds confidence in beginners, getting them revved up to push their boundaries. Intermediate players will enjoy the extreme collection of juggling styles and easy-to-follow breakdowns. Running Time Approximately: 1hr 55mins                                

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