Showmanship Incorporated by Benji Bruce

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Showmanship Incorporated is a series of videos that help you improve your showmanship skills and create your professional stage show.

You get a backstage pass into Benji Bruce's stage mentalism show where you see live demonstrations in front of real corporate audiences and you get to see step-by-step how the show was put together. This isn't theory, you get to see footage taken directly from his corporate events where audiences have paid more than $10,000 to see him perform.

Showmanship Incorporated helps you become a better performer by giving you insider secrets of a professional stage show and by helping you improve your stage showmanship skills.

Some things you will learn:

  • How to structure your show from beginning to end
  • Step by step walkthrough of the presentations behind Benji's full 60 minute mentalism show
  • Presentation Techniques
  • How to capture audience attention...and keep it
  • How to choose the right routines
  • What to do after your show
  • How to price your show
  • How to sell your stage show
  • Building confidence as a performer
  • Audience management tips
  • Getting standing ovations
  • Mistakes to stay away from

Showmanship Incorporated helps you become a better performer by giving you inside secrets of a professional stage show. If you're looking to learn new tricks, this is not for you. But if you're looking for showmanship skills and you want to see clips from real shows, purchase Showmanship Incorporated.

Note: The routines in Benji's show were not created by him so the methods are not revealed. However, what is revealed are the names of the tricks. The psychology behind his stage show is revealed and any presentation tips that help you make your show better are revealed. This product comes on a custom usb drive so you must have a computer that allows for a flash drive to be inserted.

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