Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Vol. 3 by Steve Beam

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The first two volumes of this series raised the standard for semi-automatic card tricks to a new high. The 120 plus tricks proved that card magic doesn`t have to be difficult to be mystifying and entertaining. They also made the point that easy-to-do card tricks do not have to be full of dealing, counting, and mathematics.


In volume three, you will find more than seventy more of the most lethal card tricks available to modern magicians. The 200 tricks in the series form a complete arsenal for entertaining with card magic. The author has succeeded in eliminating unnecessary sleights and boring process while adding humorous presentations and entertaining plot lines.

Contributors Include:

  • Jack Avis
  • Steve Beam
  • Doug Canning
  • Tom Craven
  • Tom Gagnon
  • Joel Givens
  • Tony Griffith
  • Mark Horowitz
  • Stewart James
  • Josh Jay
  • Lewis Jones
  • Marty Kane
  • Doreen Knott
  • Jerry Mentzer
  • Joe Mogar
  • John Moran
  • Anthony Owen
  • Marc Paul
  • Gary Plants
  • Al Smith
  • Allan Slaight
  • Andy Stone
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