Sankey, Jay - Live DVD

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What do you get when you combine a master magician with a professional stand-up comic and an inspired teacher? One hell of a magic lecture!

Jay Sankey LIVE! features live clips from his most recent Sankadelic Magic 2000 lecture tour and includes brand-new unpublished that's never appeared before on video or in print.

Jay Sankey LIVE! Contains:

  • CORONER?S TRANSPOSITION: A killer two card SIGNED transposition!
  • COPPER/SILVER/SANKEY: The copper/silver routine Jay?s been performing for over 15 years!
  • SEEING RED: Stickers appear, disappear and expand in size on an ordinary cigarette lighter!
  • QUICK TRANSLATION: A prediction written in Japanese on a card VISIBLY CHANGES into English!
  • X-QUISITE: This may well be the most ingenious two coin transposition in the world!
  • HAUNTED CARD CASE: First a selection, then "spirit writing" appears inside an empty case!
  • WHAT?S IN A NAME?: A spectator?s OWN NAME mysteriously appears on the back of a card!
  • PARALLEL WORLDS: A startling demonstration with a mini deck and an ordinary size pack!
  • X?S & O?S: Jay?s "for pros only" version of Color Monte with a signed card.
  • SPELLING BEE: An effect with "spelling 6 force" that?s totally convincing!
  • HEAD SPIN: A 3-phase card routine that builds to an astonishing "in the spectator?s hands" climax!

Don?t miss this rare opportunity to experience the magic, the comedy and the brilliant methods of one of magic?s most prolific personalities. Laugh, be fooled, and best of all be inspired!

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