Royal Tonte by Bob Sheets

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Ton Onosaka is a legend in magic and this routine shows you why.

Now made with JUMBO cards and taught by Bob Sheets. All the moves and hysterical patter are included.

The classic Game of "3-Card Monte" with a new Twist!

Three cards are shown: two indifferent cards, and a court card. The spectator is asked to "find the picture card," but that's not possible, for now the performer holds three indifferent cards-the court card is found inside the magician's pocket!

The game is repeated with the four-card set. Again, the spectator is unable to find the court card. The packet now consists of four indifferent cards; the court card is again inside the magician's pocket!

The performer suggests that a five card game is too difficult, so one card is set aside. The remaining cards are mixed. The spectator is asked to locate the court card, and of course, suspects that the card put aside is the court card. In fact, that card turns out to be an indifferent card. The performer finally comments, "Perhaps Monte is not your game..." He turns the cards over to display a Royal Straight Flush in spades! "You should try Poker, instead!"

Includes the JUMBO cards, complete illustrated instructions, and DVD.

Running Time Approximately 14min

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