Reel Magic Episode 48 (Derek Hughes)

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Feature Interview - Derek Hughes: 

Derek tells John Lovick how appearing on "America's Got Talent" helped him enliven material that "works" into something very special. 


Doc Eason
 - Behind the Bar 
Doc and Garrett Thomas discuss some new additions to Doc's marvelous "Mardi Gras Bar Bet" routine. 

Kainoa Harbottle - Coin U 
Kainoa discusses the classic "Art of War" and how you can apply strategy in your coin magic. This can make a major difference between "good" and "great" coin magic. 

Christian Painter - Mindtripping 
Christian teaches a card prediction routine using Si Stebbins order. If you've never tried a stacked deck, this effect will demonstrate its power! 

Garrett Thomas - Try This! (at Home) 
Garrett uses the "More or Less" concept to help you choose which effects to perform. 


David Penn
 - Be My Guest (Columnist) 
David shares his favorites from the Magic Live! dealer's room. 

David Regal - Tricks of the Trade 
David goes "Gimmick Free" and throws a "Nardi Party!" 


Magick Balay
 - "The Mind's Eye" 
A Reel Magic Exclusive! 

Bill Citino - "I.T.H.C.A" 
From his book COINsomnia 

Patrick Redford - "Storm" 
From his book, Applesauce

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