Reel Magic Episode 11 Chris Kenner DVD

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Introducing the eleventh quarterly magic magazine entirely on DVD!

• @!%*#&*&#!: Chris Kenner - John Lovick talks with Chris about bad magic, Criss Angel, and the need for a real magic critic

• Jon Armstrong - Small Things, Big Difference: put the surprise back in your card tricks
• Garrett Thomas - Try This At Home: the “method” behind the magic, courtesy of Bob Fitch
• David Kaye a.k.a Silly Billy - Kid Show FUNdamentals: some tips on the thumbtip
• Simon Lovell - Simon Said It! He hates the way you dress onstage
• David Regal - Tricks of the Trade: tricks with an interesting twist
• EXCLUSIVE! The Magic Castle Library: a REEL MAGIC tour of the Magic Castle Library

Bonus Tricks:
• Juan Tamariz “The Secret of Magic” - from Lessons in Magic Vol. 2 published by Murphy’s Magic Supplies
• Lance Delong “World Famous 2 Coin Trick” - from Caution: Sleight of Hand Required published by Kozmo Magic Inc.
• Jon Armstrong “What If?” - from ArmStrong Card Magic Vol. 1 published by L & L Publishing

Move Monkeys:
• Blake Douglass - Hofsinzer Spread Force variation
• Dennis Goodlut - Bi-Polar Color Change
• Craig Petty - Chinese Coin Change

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