Reboxed by Steve Bedwell

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"A total mind @&*#!. It fooled me." Gary Kurtz

"Wow! What a fooler-dooler!" Daryl

"Just Do It" Dan Garrett

"I was completely fooled! What a great idea!" Bruce Cervon

Reboxed is a jaw dropping, pure moment of magic.

A deck of cards are removed from their box. Slowly, with no cover of any kind,
the entire deck VISUALLY PENETRATES the card box. The box is re opened,
the entire deck is now back INSIDE the card box.

The deck and the box are fully examinable at the end.

The brand new DVD features, Steve himself teaching you everything you need to know about Reboxed.

DVD includes
Steve's performance.
The gimmick.
Reboxed explanation- 3 clear easy to follow steps.
The clean up.

Comes complete with the Reboxed gimmick and DVD.

Highly recommended. In my opinion the best opener for any card routine EVER.

Perform this miracle, remove the deck, then instantly perform ANY CARD ROUTINE.

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