Quarter Pounder by R. Paul Wilson

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A new version of coins across, with a new gimmick by R. Paul Wilson

"For years, I've carried something in my pocket, something I didn't share with other magicians. It'll fool you, and it'll fool your friends." -R. Paul Wilson

"What a great piece to have in your pocket. It’s an impromptu looking home run with endless possibilities."
Chris Korn 

"Quarter Pounder is great. Paul Wilson is too clever by half."
Max Maven

"It’s one of the cleverest gimmick I ever seen in coin magic!"
Juan Luis Rubiales

I don't know what's more impressive, just how clever this new gimmick is, or that Paul Wilson managed to keep it a secret this long -- I couldn't have!

With just a few coins, you'll be able to do the most jaw-dropping miracles. This gaff is built to last forever, and make miracles easy to perform.

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Price $40.00