Magic Magazine Final Issue

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After twenty-five years and 300 issues, Stan Allen has decided to retire MAGIC Magazine - but not without publishing one more issue. Issue #301 has been released. 

At 164 pages, it's more of a double issue featuring all of the current contributors, plus many of the iconic contributors from the past. 

There's brand new material from: 

Max Maven (Parallax) 
Jim Steinmeyer (Conjuring) 
Richard Kaufman (Inner-Workings) 
Jon Racherbaumer (Inside Out) 
Joshua Jay (Talk About Tricks) 
Paul Gertner (Questions) 
Jeff McBride (The Show Doctor) 
David Kaye (Turn it Around) 
Charlie Frye (Eccentricks) 
Kevin James (Choice Secrets) 
Master Payne (Paynefully Obvious) 
Mike Caveney (Classic Correspondence) 
Martin Lewis (Making Magic) 
Mike Bent (Bent on Deception) 
Steve Reynolds (Monk's Way) 
Simon Coronel (Walkabout Soup) 
Mark Kornhauser (For What it's Worth) 
Ian Rowland (Loving Mentalism) 
And special guest Chad Long (In One) 

Plus, there are ten amazing feature stories, ranging from exclusive results of a survey on what laymen think of our art to an interview with Derek DelGaudioGlenn Kaino, and Frank Oz. There are profiles on Enrico de la Vega and Ray Anderson, and a special article on mentoring. There are reports on Britain's new TV show naming the next great magician, as well as coverage of MAGIC Live! And so much more!

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