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Spend an hour with Master Magician, Joe Pon (owner of Misdirections Magic Shop) as he teaches you one-on-one the real work on Presentation, Sleight of Hand, Timing, Performance, and Misdirection on the Art of Magic!  All levels are welcome, from a beginner to an intermediate or a seasoned pro, you are in for a treat! He will customize the magic depending on your level of skill. You can always add magic to any situation. You can use it in business, sales, presentations, meeting people, plus be the life of the party!  Joe will teach from card techniques to coin routines to even analyising your complete act.  He has been teaching magic for over 24 years and has taught some of the top professional magicians world wide.  You will be able to amaze and amuse all your friends and family!  

1-hour Private Lesson is $75.00

These exclusive private lessons are only available after store hours @ Misdirections Magic Shop 1236-9th Avenue, San Francisco by appointment. 

To schedule your one-on-one Private Magic Lesson:

Call Misdirections: (415) 566-2180 


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Price $75.00