Learn Hypnosis DVD by Richard Nongard

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90-minutes from now you will be able to hypnotize anyone!

Would you like to be a hypnotist? If you have little or no experience with hypnosis - if you are just learning what it's all about and how it works - this powerful DVD provides a solid foundation to get you started. Stage Hypnotist Richard Nongard can teach you EXACTLY how to do hypnosis - induce hypnotic trance, and help anyone begin to experience the power of hypnosis for entertainment. The first step in becoming a stage or street hypnotist is in your hands now!

Begin practicing hypnotizing others immediately - with confidence!

You will learn: 

  • How to Hypnotize Anyone in 3 Minutes or Less! 
  • The fundamentals of entertainment and stage hypnosis! 
  • What Hypnosis Is, Is Not, and How it Works 
  • The Right Words to Induce Deep Hypnotic Trance 
  • Different Induction Styles that anyone can do 
  • How to Create Basic Hypnotic Skits 
  • How to find out is someone can be hypnotized or not 
  • Practical Uses for Stage and Street Hypnosis in Your Existing or New Magic or Mentalism Career 
  • How to Safely De-Hypnotize a person 
  • Learn basic techniques that will work immediately and without fail.

Running Time Approximately 84min                                

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