How to Make Flashes, Bangs and Puffs of Smoke

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Now you can create your own flashes, make things appear or disapear in a puff of smoke and make loud bangs of sound when you need them.  Many shops can no longer get the supplies you may need, so learn how to make your own.

All the techniques are described.  All the formulas included.

You will find a section in which flash pots are described; a separate chapter on ignition systems, describing self-lighting flasxh powder, acid-sensitive flash powder and more.

There is a tested method for making flash paper in small quantities.

Smoke can be created in a number if ways.  It changes the atmosphere onstage; learn to use it your advantage.  All the effects created are clearly explained.

The information in this book is intended for the professional entertainer.  All the chemical formulas have been tested, but they are hazardous and must be used with caution.  Recommended for professional use only!

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