Hobson, Jeff - Hobson: Fabulous Mysteries (2 DVD Set)

  • Item #: dvd241

  • Two DVD set 
  • Over three hours of footage 
  • Full explanations of all effects 
  • Hobson's secrets of his famous Watch Steal 
  • Fifteen commercial routines full of comedy and visuals 
  • Bonus footage of Hobson's Salt Pour act from 1981
  • Featuring 15 commercial effects, our Hobson: Fabulous Mysteries 2-DVD set notably reveals the secrets of Hobson's show-stopping Watch Steal techniques. These are the methods that Hobson has used around the world to floor audiences and generate frequent standing ovations!

    The other effects are all solid and practical mysteries encompassing close-up, card tricks, stand-up, comedy, and manipulations. His Signed Silk in Apple and Double Salt Pour are just two of the many visual ingenuities featured in the set.

    You also receive lessons in Hobson's personal arsenal of gimmicks like his Logical Match Pull and Simplicity Microphone Holder. As a bonus, Hobson's explanations offer you extensive valuable professional advice on performing in real-world conditions, routining, and showmanship.

    An exceptional value to any performer!

    Disc One Running Time: Approximately 1hr 38mins
    Disc Two Running Time: Approximately 1hr 22mins                                
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