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“Street Magic Lecture”

Monday, November 24, 2014

7:30pm – doors open at 7:00

$30.00 advance-members before deadline

$35.00 advance-deadline 11/19/14

$40.00 at the door

43 Dore Street @ 9th St.

“Gazzo's Intensive Master Workshop”

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

$100.00 members only

Tickets and info call Misdirections Magic Shop

(415) 566-2180


“Gazzo is one of the best entertainers in the world” …Teller of Penn & Teller

For more than 30 years, Gazzo has thrilled audiences around the world & gained a reputation as a master of jaw-dropping magic & outrageous comedy.  Everywhere he appears – from cruise ships to corporate events to the Magic Castle in Hollywood – Gazzo delivers a spectacle guaranteed to have every one asking, “How did he do that?” (If they can stop laughing!)  Gazzo’s fans include some of the biggest names in show business today – Penn & Teller, the Amazing Jonathan, even the prolific stand-up comedian, Steven WrightGazzo’s astonishing feats, including his world-famous cups-and-balls routine, must be seen to be believed – and once seen, Gazzo’s legendary performance in never forgotten!   Gazzo was recently seen on “Penn & Teller’s Fool Us” and currently runs his own theatre in England called “Krowd Keepers: Magic Theater.”

He is not only one of the best entertainers in the world, but also one of the top experts in card techniques, street hustles, scams & cons.  His best-selling dvds & books are widely respected as the real work.  In fact, Gazzo left England for America in his teens in search of the world’s greatest card shark, a legend known as the subject of the book “The Phantom of the Card Table.”  The Phantom was in fact, Walter Irving Scott described by Max Holden as “the greatest man ever with a pack of cards.”  Gazzo would soon become The Phantom’s only student.  Rather than use his skills for larceny, he used his talent to entertain, & his exploits are legendary in the entertainment world.  His books & dvds include: “Phantom of the Card Table”; Gazzo On Cups & Balls Book & Video”; “The Art of Krowd Keeping”; “Gazzo Uncensored”; “3 Card Monte with School for Scoundrels”; “Street Cups & Balls” and “Gazzo’s Tossed Out Deck.”

Gazzo’s Street Magic Lecture will present ideas & approaches that would suit any environment, not just the streets!  He will focus on: the art of street performing; life as a street entertainer; working the right environment; routine development; history of working the streets; audience management; comedy & presentation; sleight of hand techniques; trick selections, collecting tips, and much, much more! 

Gazzo’s Intensive Master Workshop will be only available for a limited amount of students.  He will go over techniques to help strengthen your performing style whether it be on stage or streets.  He will go over his own subtle nuances in card handling as well as crowd controlling, management, and presentation styles that everyone can incorporate into their own shows. The workshop will include one on one handling with each student going over his famous routines. And of course, he will perform & discuss in depth; from the timing to the showmanship his own personal Cups & Balls routine.  The workshop is a very rare event to study in a small group with one of the most respected and best performer in the world. It will be not just informative, but also interactive!

“Gazzo is so funny he scares me!”-The Amazing Johnathan   “Gazzo is one of the best entertainers in the world.  He makes you laugh at him & at yourself & you love him for it.  He’s sassy & gracious, impudent & courteous.  His magic seems so effortless, it’s hard to realize how masterful it is – mostly because you’re having such a good time.”- Teller “When you see Gazzo perform, you’re getting 200%.  He’s 100% magician & 100% comedian.  The two aspects of his character simultaneously feed & devour each other to produce a riotously entertain street act that would burst Merlin’s eyeballs & the spleen of Don Rickles.”-Magic Magazine

This will be a chance to learn from a master magician & real entertainer who is regarded as one of the best there is in the world of magic!  Come and watchs a true artist live in action!  Gazzo is the “King of Street Performers”





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