Egg - Latex Egg Tissue to Egg Routine by Viking Magic

  • Item #: 6302

These latex eggs are among some of the finest. The look is so real, they will fool a chicken! Because of our design, the "tissue to egg" happens between your palms. Place a white tissue paper crumbled in the palm of your hand and slowly rub, allowing it to expand into a full-sized egg... The egg is now broken to prove that it is a real egg. 

There are several versions of this egg, from real duck egg skins to rubber eggs, but we feel that this Deluxe Latex Egg-Tissue to Egg outperforms many of the others. 

First, latex is easy to care for. Simply wash with a mild detergent like dish soap. 

Second, this version is the right size for most routines and has a natural egg-shell color. 

Third, it collapses easily into a small 1/2" square bundle. 

Fourth, this egg begins to open quickly -- no long-drawn-out process. 

Comes complete with detailed instructions. Egg measures 2 1/4" lengthwise. 

Can be used as a comedy production item; produce from your wallet, etc., then break to show it is a real egg!

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Price $25.00