Drawing Board Pro by Axtell

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Magic Drawing Board © has become a phenomenon! PICTURE THIS: You're standing in front of your audience holding a blank grid drawing board. You (or with a volunteer) draw ANYsimple face on the board. (Draw Mickey Mouse, Flintstone even someone in audience!) Right before their eyes, the drawing comes to life! It's eyes move and the mouth opens and closes, under your complete control! (Your audience jumps and gasps, your adrenaline rushes - you know you have a hit!) After talking with it, you end by visibly erasing it while it's moving leaving you clean, holding a blank board once again! AMAZING! We also make it simple for you to perform with the new "AXTRAX" mp3 routines below. They are sure-fire routines with music, sound effects and the cartoon's voice right in the recording. All you do is perform the trick and talk back to the cartoon in the blank spots!

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