Draw A Blank by Aldo Colombini

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A freely selected card is the only printed card in a totally blank deck. Easy to do not rough and smoooth, no force, no switch of a deck.  While I don't usually like to use gimmicked decks, Draw a Blank has caused me to revisit this policy. Indeed, it is one of the strongest card effects I have ever seen (up there with McDonald's $100 Aces). Aldo Colombini has created a simple, clean and commercial effect. Briefly, a spectator freely chooses a card (no force). The magician then shows the spectator a deck which contains only blank cards - no faces or backs. The magician then proceeds to take four cards out of the deck and puts them on the table. The spectator eliminates three of them and turns over the remaining one to reveal the card he chose. It was the only printed one in the deck. Unfortunately, my description does not do the trick justice. I have performed it on magicians as well as laymen and mouths drop on both groups.  Laymen don't know what hit them and magicians scratch their heads since they recognize some of the moves but can't see how they achieve the end result. The effect is not hard to do and requires no sleights; No rough and smooth, no deck switch - just clever handling. Aldo also gives a number of other suggestions for handling various parts of the trick and also details the history of the trick's development (Based on a John Bannon idea).

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