Distortion by Wayne Houchin

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A card is chosen (Six of Diamonds). The Four of Diamonds is also used. You
cleanly place the Six of Diamonds in the spectator's closed hands, making any
deceivery physically impossible.

Drawing attention back to the Four of Diamonds still in your hand, you slowly
and methodolically shake the card. Suddenly, the diamonds on the Four are seen
to visually multiply and move across the card to form the
Six of Diamonds. The spectator opens their hands to find the Four of

Everything is then handed out for complete inspection and

Wayne Houchin guides you through each phase and nuance of this incredibly
visual transposition, teaching his original version utilizing the classic Moving
Pips card (available in two colors) - as well as Michael Ammar's
Visually Yours, the routine that started it all.

Everything is covered in comprehensive detail - the psychology, the moves,
performance tips, and much more. Taught in a high resolution DVD format, complete with live performances for real world audiences shot on
the streets of California.

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