Cups, Cups, Cups by Merlyn T. Shute - Book

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At last a book has been written that not only details a variety of Cups & Balls moves, but the how and why of their working. Penned by Merlyn T. Shute, his analytical method of teaching (which is now becoming widely recognized) makes learning easier, quicker and more enjoyable.

This treatise explains essential principles such as: One Ahead, Ye Olde Shelle Game, Another Opening, Before the Beginning, The Slip and Force Opening, And Then There Were Three, Have Cup Will Travel. These basics will allow the performer to personalize his VERY OWN ROUTINE. Visual flourishes such as The Penetrating Cups and Wand Thru Cup, coupled with the numerous variations, tips and climaxes that are explored make this a thought provoking book that will enlighten the beginner and even the seasoned pro!

To 'cup it off' Merlyn's writing is accompanied by Sid Lorraine's precise illustrationsthereby insuring clear easy instruction every time.

45 pages of text, saddle stitch with stiff paper cover. Cover design by Sid Lorraine.

This book will be a valuable addition to Cup & Ball literature as it covers an area sadly neglected.
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