Cups & Balls - Brass by Johnson

  • Item #: 6756a

Johnson Products has done to the Cups and Balls what they did to gimmicked coins thirty-five years ago.  They have produced a piece of apparatus that will undoubtedly become the industry standard.  They could not have made these cups a few years ago but with the computerized machines they now use to make precision parts for the aerospace industry, Johnson Products is able to turn a 6 1/2 pound piece of solid brass into the most perfectly balanced, maximum capacity, exquisitely finished cup you have ever seen.  And because a computer is doing most of the work, the JP Cups can be offered at a very reasonable price.  Everyone who has seen the new JP Cups agrees: they truly are the best cups at the best price.  Included are four, hand-crocheted cork balls and a handsome, black velvet carrying bag.

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Price $350.00