Conjurer's Hydraulic and Pneumatic Secrets by S.H. Sharp

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Within the pages of this work, historian S.H. Sharp defines and describes seven fundamental principals; including secret: Closures; Reservoirs; Conduits; Liquid Substitutes; Displacement; Siphons; and Hydraulic and Pneumatic Control.  The author traces hydraulics and pneumatics as used in the religious wonders of early history - moving and speaking statues,  inexhaustible vessels, unfillable basins, etc. - to today's modern Lotta Bowl, Foo Can, Multum in Parvo, Mermaid Illusion, various automata, etc.

Also included in this massive work are two special appendices: Scientific Magical Invention and Characterization - a system on which to base the scientific invention or creation of new magical illusions; What Happened to  'Psycho'? - an essay which traces the chronology of the automaton from 1875 to modern times.

This outstanding instructive work is a must.  It contains technique every magician should know about!

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