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The best deck for Cardistry is the one designed for it.

The choice of top cardists, the Virtuoso deck isn’t just acknowledged as the best handling and most durable deck in the industry; it’s the first and only deck that makes all your card flourishes look even better, instantly.

Featuring Adaptive Aesthetics, a functional back design that adapts to visually accentuate every card flourish you do, the Virtuoso deck swirls, strobes, connects, and even changes color according to your movements and displays.

Each Virtuoso deck is also crafted with the finest materials, strictest quality control standards, and features handling characteristics optimised to the demands of the most respected card handlers.

Accompanied with gorgeous artwork on the faces and encased in a matte wraparound tuck case, the result is a deck with unprecedented form and function – the only deck truly designed for Cardistry.

The Virtuoso deck made history in 2012 as the first deck ever designed for Cardistry, and remains today as the choice of top Cardists around the globe. This time, we’ve crafted the boldest and most breathtaking Virtuoso deck to date, and we can’t wait to put it into your hands.

The new edge-to-edge back design not only magnifies each shape for maximum visibility; it liberates the cards to seamlessly merge with one another to establish new forms.

The deeper lines further amplify every rotation, and accompanied with dashes of cadmium yellow, artfully wrap over to the faces to paint streaks of color when spread.

Complemented with an energetic colorway evoking the spirit of borderless adventure, the SS16 marks our most explosive aesthetic experience yet.

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