Cards On The Table by Jerry Sadowitz

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Cards on the Table contains some wonderful card magic.  New plots, new methods, all with the distinctive Sadowitz flair for ingenuity.  If you haven't used any of Jerry's material before, this book will convince you why Jerry is regarded as a highly talented cardician on both sides of the Atlantic.

Cards on the Table contains a variety of effects including Fetch which is an animated card discovery which you will use as soon as you read it.

There is much more including Name a Card Triumph.  When Jerry did this trick for us for the first time we asked him to repeat it.  The card was located so fast we thought it must be coincidence.  He did it five or six time more times but each time, from a shuffled deck and Jerry could produce any card named within seconds.

Cards on the Table - Soft back - contains 25 items in all. Top class card magic by Jerry Sadowitz.

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