Cards - Gamesters Standard (Black) by Whispering Imps

  • Item #: c6559b

Designed for the modern card player, this simple and elegant back design, featuring the Whispering Imps® famous "WI" logo, allows the player to focus on what's really important, the face cards. Each card has been completely redesigned for any card player, in any game, at any table. 


  • 1 Custom Joker
  • 1 Cut Card
  • 1 Custom Ace of Spades
  • 52 Specially-designed playing cards to enhance the card-playing experience

Tuck Box: Premium White Matte Paper Stock, Blind Embossed Details, Black Foil, Black Ink, Embossed Logos, and Artwork 

Stock: Embossed Playing Card Stock 

Finish: Premium Master Finish 

Cut: Traditional 

Quantity: 3450 

Print Date: May 2015 

Manufacturer: The Expert Playing Card Company

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Price $15.00