Cards - Artisan White Deck

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Illustrated by Simon Frouws in South Africa. The latest edition of
our critically acclaimed Artisan Playing Cards: The White Edition.

The design is breathtaking, featuring elegant gold foil hot stamped onto
ultra-lux white paper derived from sustainable forests. Pure,
clean, and beautiful.

"The combination of gold foil and white embossing is

Artisans are featured in the May
2013 issue of Departures Magazine. David Copperfield called
them "the best playing cards ever produced." With this new
White Edition, we unveil a perfect complement to the original Black Edition produced
in December 2012.

Artisan Playing Cards are produced at The United States Playing Card Company
using FSC-certified papers derived from sustainable forests,
vegetable-based inks and starch-based laminates. The result is a durable finish
that respects the environment. Sealed with a red tax-stamp, vintage sticker seal
marked with the exact month and year of print.

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