Cards - 1800 Vintage Marked Red Deck

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The cards you love just got better.

The 1800 Vintage deck now holds a very special secret. Each card is individually marked with a covert system entwined into the natural design, allowing you to instantly read the suit and value simply by peeking the back.

No detail was left untouched-- artwork on each card was delicately hand-crafted by Ellusionist's top graphic team. Even the seal on the deck looks like it was left in a gritty New York alley "for a spell".

The cards are an illusion in themselves, because they may look very old, but they handle superbly. You have to keep telling yourself, this is a new deck of cards.

NBC's Phenomenon 2007 Winner, Mike Super repeatedly drew the aged Vintage deck out to amaze people on stage as well as street performances. Here you can see Mike using the original Vintage deck to perform a "Haunted Deck" routine.

He used them again on the street for a disappearing ink message reveal. Thank you, Mike for showing us your talents and
we hope you enjoyed the Vintage Deck.


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