Book of Thoth (Tarot Trickery) by Stephen Minch

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Now you can cash in on the popularity of the occult. Here is a book that shows you how to really impress your audiences and entertain them with fascinating mysteries of the ancient Tarot. Not just card tricks but mysterious sketches, complete with patter, that will establish you as a Mind Reader, Fortune Teller and Magician. When you bring out a deck of Tarot cards, you attract everyone's interest and attention.

In addition to the twenty-two effects representing the Major Arcana, the author has provided suggestions for inventing more effects with the Tarot. There are no difficult sleights or indirect handlings. All effects have been streamlined, for directness of effect and simplicity of method. You do not need any previos knowledge of the Tarot deck to start working these myteries right away. Not only will you be adding to your repertoire of interesting effects, but you'll have fun doing it!

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