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From the creator of The 100th Monkey ("Absolutely brilliant!" -Banachek; "Revolutionary!" -Joe Monti) comes an exclusive new book exploring The 100th Monkey principle.

The Book of Monkeys is an exclusive, leather-bound release limited to 99 copies (signed-and-numbered) intended for professionals and collectors. This 389 page volume contains nearly 70 effects using the 100th Monkey principle (including the 3 from the original release). Most of the effects are by Chris Philpott, but it also includes work by Max Maven, Steve Valentine, Ran Pink, Jheff, Paul Green, Pete McCabe and others.

Effects include:
New and revolutionary approaches to such mentalist classics as Drawing Duplication, The Chair Test, ACAAN, Headline Predictions, Q and A and The Open Prediction. And there are powerful new plots such as giving a volunteer the ability to read a foreign language or even making two volunteers switch bodies! There are valuable new utility devices, card tricks, hypnotism routines and even effects where the magic happens on a borrowed cell phone! There are effects designed for close up and stage and even effects designed specifically for motivational and keynote speakers.

Please note:
Most of the gimmicked artworks necessary to perform these effects have not been created yet, but along with this book, purchasers will receive access to an on-line drop box so they will have access to all the artworks as they are created. This is a time-consuming process and will likely take several years but if there are requests to produce any particular cards sooner rather than later, I am totally open to that.

The signed-and-numbered leather-bound book is a exquisite book for any magician or collector. The book includes access to the on-line dropbox of gimmicked artworks and a private Book of Monkeys forum.

My intention is to eventually release most (but not all) of these effects to the magic community at large at a more affordable price once the artworks have been created and the DVD instructions have been filmed. At the moment, I'm planning between 7 and 12 releases in this series so it's likely that in spite of the high cost of this book, it will prove more economical than buying the DVDs separately as they are released.

Why not just release all these effects with artwork and DVDs?

Shortly after the release of The 100th Monkey, Richard Osterlind suggested that to protect my ideas, I should release all the effects I'd come up with using this method quickly, even if that meant I didn't have all the cards made and the DVDs shot (both of which take a lot of time). Clearly, this had to be a limited edition meant for professionals who value exclusive material. Murphy's Magic suggested that it should be a high quality signed-and-numbered leather-bound book suitable for collectors.

Fine print:
There will be no authorized public version of The Book of Monkeys other than this signed-and-numbered, limited edition until at least the year 2025. While purchase of my effects generally includes TV rights, in this case it does not - not all the effects have cards yet and I don't want people making up substandard cards that could expose the effects. I am planning to release the TV rights to these effects as the cards are created (with a few exceptions, such as some of the effects created by others).

Pages: 389 - 8.5" x 6.0" - Hard Cover - Photo Illustrated

"To the jaded of us who say 'it's all been done' or 'there are no new effects or methods,' tell that to Chris Philpott."
- Francis Menotti, Magic Magazine, on The 100th Monkey.

"Trailblazing routines. Original methodologies for curious hobbyists and professional performers."
-Danny Orleans, reviewing The 100th Monkey, Genii Magazine

"To say that I'm impressed is an understatement! This is something I will carry with me personally everywhere I go. Words simply do not do this justice."
-Michael Murray on The 100th Monkey

"This is the sort of thing that other performers buy the rights to in order to keep to themselves."
-Atlas Brookings on The 100th Monkey.

"I love this! A brand new principle! Chris' routines are brilliant!"
- David Penn, Wizard Product Review of The 100th Monkey.

(Highest rating) "They say everything new is old. Such is not the case with Chris Philpott's The 100th Monkey! This is one of those times I wish I could toss my moral compass out the window and just tell you this product is crap... just so I can keep it to myself."
-Bryce Kuhlman, My Lovely Assistant review of The 100th Monkey.

"I loved it immediately and see how this can easily be presented effectively for almost any size audience."
-Bob Cassidy.

"The 100th Monkey is not just a method; it's an adventure! You're going to want to run with these simian secrets."
- Max Maven.

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