Bizzaro - CCSB Color Changing Sponge Balls DVD

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If you own Bizzaro.'s Color Changing Spongeball, then this DVD is a must have! Shot in Las Vegas, CCSB: The DVD gives you 7 routines (created and performed by various performers from around the world) as well as tips & tricks that can be easily added to any of your current performances. Also included is a gimmick that turns any regular sharpie marker into a secret weapon when used in conjuction with a CCSB.

What's Inside:
  • CCSB Bank Night - Finally a bank night where the magician doesn't look like a jerk at the end.
  • Sucker Ball - A sucker routine with a surprise ending using a CCSB.
  • Shponge - Visually swap, exchange or drain the color from a marker cap onto a sponge ball (Special gimmick included)
  • iSponge - Remove a spongeball from your phone, change it's color and put it back in. Simple and visual!
  • Benson Balls - A quick transposition with a kick at the end.
  • Hopping Sponge - An homage to the classic "Hopping Half" but with CCSBs.
  • Color Changing Crayons - Swap the color of a crayon and spongeball inside your mouth!
  • An awesome soundtrack by That 1 Guy!
  • Bonus ideas for members of Sponge Ball Breeding
  • Handling Tips, Basic Moves, Flourishes, and some surprises!

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