Bertram On Sleight Of Hand by Ross Bertram

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Ross Bertram has a lifetime reputation as a sleight of hand performer, with the most natural moves of anyone in that field. In this 255 page book, all large size pages, there are numerous photographs on almost all pages, passing on to you the methods of this expert. Don't let his book slip thru your fingers!

The first three chapters are on Coin Magic with over 30 tricks and routines.

Chapter 4 is on T. Nelson Downs and the great coin routines he used, including the Miser's Dream and the Coin Star. Worth the price of the book.

Chapter 5 contains 18 manipulative effects in Card Magic, with the next chapter concentrating on "Palming", with 8 methods and versions.

The Ten Kai chapter includes 23 items, reflecting his fine work.

In chapter 8, David Drake profiles Bertram in "Interlude with a Craftsman and a Pioneer". 8 items, including the Card and Wallet, are in the General Magic section. The Welcome Mat chapter gives all the details on the Bertram close up mat and servante, as designed and used by him.

An entire chapter is devoted to 10 "One Hand Cuts", and another to routines from magicians Bertram admires The final chapter on Tips 'N Hints covers a great many things that go towards making a fine technical performer. There is absolutely no chaff in this book--all the moves and effects are audience tested over the years by Ross Bertram himself. You will find no "cute" tricks to amuse you momentarily and then forget. You will find no impossible or unusable moves or ideas. What you will find is a vast treasure of experience, talent, and magical entertainment!

Over 850 photographs and illustrations, provided by Mr. Bertram and his wife, Helen. Additionally, the text is easily read and understood. As you study this book, you will learn more than just tricks--you will learn the art of magic! Possibly the most important book on sleight of hand in the last 50 years, the chapters found here will treat you to the very finest in COIN, CARD, and GENERAL, CLOSE-UP, MANIPULATIVE magic. The most extensive examination of the "Tenkai Palm" ever in print!

Introduction by FR. CYPRIAN.
Effects by some of Ross Bertram's friends: EARL RAY WILCOX, FAWCETT ROSS, TREVOR LEWIS, PETER WARLOCK, and more.
You will revel in the imagination of a magical genius and be taught the true secrets of magic!
255 pages, professionally typeset 8.5"x11" pages  850 Photographs
Beautifully hardbound and dust-jacketed


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