Banachek - PSI Series #4 DVD

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Learn how to bend cold, hard steel with the "power of your mind." Make physical objects move, twist and curl up like a wet noodle at will. In true Banachek style, each move, gesture and psychological subtlety is covered in detail. This DVD stands alone from Banachek's previous work by presenting new, additional details and methods on bending silverware. This also includes methods of bending coins keys, nails, and spikes plus moving objects like pens and pencils. Included is the true story behind Banachek's participation in the Alpha Project, a four-year study that culminated with scientists validating Banachek's "psychic" powers that propelled him into the national spotlight! Effects and Explanations Nail Bends  Key Bends  Coin Bends  Silverware Bends  PK Pen  Permission & Warnings for Keys  Displays (for maximum reactions)  Bending Coins  The Volunteer Feels It  Why Quarters?  Putting the Physical Bends in Coins  Where to Bend & Display Coins  Silverware & Bag Method  Spoon Bending (new method)  Switching Spoons  Stage vs. Impromptu  Whose Silverware To Use  Angles  Pencil PK  PK Pen  About PK  Audience Perception Interviews Alpha Project  Too Much Power

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