Amazing World of Mentalism by Burling Hull

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Here are the mental feats that have astounded both television and live audiences, as well as amazed professional magicians and performing mentalists for years! In this giant book, you will find the best of Burling "Volta" Hull, with material taken from his many writings and custom creations, including his Course in Mentalism.

Four big chapters include - Amazing Mental Feats, with more than twenty-four presentations; The Invisible Hand Writes, dealing with slate effects and fully explaining the "Volta" spirit slate writing method; The Second Sight Act which is fully detailed with various methods of handling; and The Question Answering Act, with fourty-nine different methods explained, including the "Volta" Super-Professional Mentalism Course, plus the Ultra Question Answering Act - With No Questions Written as a bonus.

Hundreds of hours were spent reading through thousands of pages of effects, letters, testimonials and advertising, to find the best effects. The material was then edited and streamlined, to provide you with direct, concise instructions, without losing any of the subtle working details.

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