Alpha Series 1 Before The Curtain Rises Preshow by Mark Striving

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How would you like to learn a simple technique that produces completely unexplainable, mind blowing miracles?


"Before The Curtain Rises a treatise on Preshow Work" is the first of the Alpha Series of manuscripts, and contains much of the real work on this under explored topic, bringing together 20 years of experience into one source. Noto nly is the "how" of preshow work explored, but the "why" as well. Ton's of techniques for both the solo performer as weel as those who have a full support team. The strengths and weaknesses of preshow, as well as a complete section of useful devices for the preshow worker is included.

Then seven effects are explored ( including the strongest ending for the tossed-Out deck I've ever seen or used)

All of this and much more is crammmed into 32 pages, comb-bound in card covers. You'll find yourself referring to this tome over and over.

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