Adrian Vega Lecture

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Adrian Vega

“Area 52 - Close Up Magic Mysteries Lecture”

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

7:30pm - doors open at 7:00pm

$30.00 advance-members before deadline
$35.00 non-members before deadline 7/19/19
$40.00 at the door
Marrakech Magic Theater 419 O’Farrell St. SF
Tickets: Misdirections Magic Shop
(415) 566-2180

“The Street Magician & Consultant to Criss Angel’s Touring Show “The Supernaturalists”

Who is Adrian Vega?  He is a magician who came from humble beginnings and later became a World Champion Magician.  He first studied for five years at the very prestigious, "Escuela de Magia de Ana Tamariz" where he met and shared ideas with top magicians such as Alberto de Figueiredo, Ignacio Brieva, Luis Piedrahita and Mr. Juan Tamariz. Without knowing at that time that in the years to come he would eventualy co-work with Tamariz himself for the recording of one of his DVD's. He then continued with his training, being part of the "Sociedad Espanola de Illusionismo" (SEI), and expanded his knowledge about Theatre and performing arts, with course in Clown, Commedia dell'Arte, and stand-up comedy in order to improve on his passion, Magic. After being awarded the Spanish First Prize in Close-Up Magic, and because of his dedicated work and dream, in 2014, he began to create and establish a worldwide career by working in Town Square (Las Vegas), and being part of a varied cast of actors, musicians, dancers from Cirque Du Soleil. On his way back to Spain, he sailed the seas with Balearia, becoming the magician of the company. In 2015, he signed on with Criss Angel, and toured throughout the United States as the Street/Close-Up Master Magician for the touring show, "The Supernaturalist." He is also the Winner of "The Ascanio Award 2018 - Spanish Magician of the Year," "FISM World Champion Award 2017," "2016 People's Choice Award at Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic," "Spanish Champion Close-Up Magician 2014 and 2013," "2nd Place at International Brotherhood of Magicians 2013," and "Award of Merit - Ron McMillan International Championships 2013." He is also the inventor of best selling effects: "Scaandal," "The Profiteer," "Screwed Deck," "Deck Stab," and "Billing Card."
Adrian's Newest Lecture "Area 52 Close-Up Magic Mysteries" is inspired by "Area 51," one special and secret place in the state of Nevada, a place with a lot of unsolved mysteries. Adrian says: "Although in this lecture, I will not discover any of these mysteries, I invite you to walk around my "Area 52," where you will discover some of my mysteries with one deck of cards (some of them were part of my multi-award act), and one of my favorite close-up routines, known as Dice Stacking in Mexico." Some of the effects he will teach:
*Four Fly Restored - 4 pieces from one signed card flying to hand as a classical 3-fly, but this time restoring at the same time
*Stabbed Deck - For the first time, you can stab a deck of cards completely, but only one signed card will stick to the knife
*Four for CAAN - Very clean version of CAAN with no duplicates, only one normal deck of cards and the specator thinks & counts to the number.
*Mercury - Jazz Ace's version with a very visual movement with 4 small mirrors.
*My Carta-Gafe - 4 Aces look like the selected card, but suddenly, nothing is what it seems
*Party Time - A new approach to the classic effect: Impossible Location
*Tequilla Guey - Very special routine of Dice Stacking
*Ending Card Box - Visual effect where the card box is transformed into a big poster of whatever you want.
*Plus, much, much more!
Every single magic trick is practical, powerful and very commerical!
"Adrian Vega is one of a new generation in the Spanish School of Magic's "fresh style' and "new ideas." So attractive that you'll really want to learn and use. His magic is powerful and very practical. You will enjoy his work."- Shoot Ogawa
"Astonishing, Dynamic, Revolutionary, Innovative, Artistic, Nouveau. This is the Acronym to describe A.D.R.I.A.N Vega. These words describe this charming intelligent teacher and performer to the T. You do not want to miss the opportunity of a lifetime to learn from this brilliant mind." - Banachek
"One of the Best Close-Up Magicians in the Globe!" - Criss Angel
"His act surprised me and it is very clever." - Lance Burton

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